Sunday, August 19, 2012

The importance of Art

Art is a great learning tool for young children (as well as adults). Whether it be drawing, storytelling, acting, or sculpting, there‘s a lot that can be learned through art. By participating in art activities children gain important motor skills (like hand eye coordination and the ability to grasp a pencil) and they learn about shapes, colors, and textures. They also learn important creative skills (like storytelling) and processes (like how to mix colors) that spark their imagination and fuel the learning process. Through art children can also develop confidence and self esteem by strengthening their ability to represent their thoughts and ideas, which helps them learn to express themselves effectively and to express their knowledge. Art can be a great way for kids to show you what they’ve learned as well as a great way to help them learn new things. And best of all art is really fun! Most children really love to do art projects and are proud to have works of art that they can bring home and show off to their family members. We will be experimenting with a variety of different art forms and techniques at Jane's House and will regularly engage in some form of art activity.

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